David Kelley


My name is David Kelley, I am a graduate student in the MSc in Finance program at the University of Kentucky and I have a Bachelors in Economics from the University of Kentucky. I am currently a research assistant working on labor market economic research using quantile regression with Stata supervised by a professor that we will send out for publication. This is in combination with my MSc in Finance, where we have had first hand experience managing the school's $5 million portfolio using portfolio risk management, financial modeling, and other analytical skills we learned from professors with experience in investments.

As far as skills outside my degrees, I also have experience as a research assistant working with big data visualization as well as experience with Android application development. I have spent a lot of time with OO programming languages and statistical software packages such as R and SAS for forecasting. I have also spent a lot of time in China and South Korea as well, learning a lot about the languages and cultures there. The ideal job that I'm looking for would be a quantitative or financial analyst role that would put all my technical, financial, and economic skills to use.

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Email: david.kelley@uky.edu

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