Alan F. and Irene Bloomfield Associate Professor of Information Systems
Department of Marketing and Supply Chain
Gatton College of Business and Economics
University of Kentucky
Links Center for Social Network Research

425D Gatton Business and Economics Building
Lexington, KY 40506
Office: (859)257-1142 Fax: (859)257-8031

Research Interests

  • Auctions and contests
  • Knowledge and social networks
  • Digital games and gamification

Working Papers

Auctions and contests:

This research stream is partly supported by the National Science Foundation of China under Grant No.71171052

  1. Information Asymmetry and Hybrid Advertising ( with S. Viswanathan). SSRN, conditionally accepted at Journal of Marketing Research.
  2. Efficient Allocation for Display Advertising ( with H. Rui and A.B. Whinston). Conference Version
  3. Competing Keyword Auctions ( with J. Chen and A.B. Whinston). Conference Version
  4. A Truthful and Efficient Mechanism for Multi-slot Ad Scheduling with Budget Constraints (with Yang Sun).
  5. A Simple Ascending Auction for Assignment Problems (with Adib Bagh).
  6. Comparing Strategies for Winning Expert-rated and Crowd-rated Crowdsourcing Contests: An Exploratory Study (with Liang Chen and Pei Xu)

Knowledge and social networks:

  1. Friendships in Online Peer-to-Peer Lending: Pipes, Prisms, and Relational Herding (with Yong Lu and Dan Brass). SSRN, codditionally accepted at MIS Quarterly.
  2. Comparing Internal Markets and Hierachy in the Coordination of Knowledge: A Simulation ( with B. Skaggs, A. Boccia, and P. Mills)
  3. The Time-Contingent Value of Social Capital: Structural Holes, Resources Richness, and Knowledge Production ( with J. Ling, A. Mehra, D. Brass and S. Borgatti)

Digital games and gamification:

  1. Gamification of Technology-Mediated Training: Who Wants to Learn? ( with R. Santhanam, M. Shen)
  2. Gamification Designs for Gameful Interaction with Information Systems ( with R. Santhanam)


Selected Journal Publications:

  1. Jun Li, De Liu, and Shulin Liu (2013). Optimal Keyword Auctions for Optimal User Experiences. Decision Support Systems 56(2013): 450-461. Download | SSRN
  2. De Liu, Xun Li, and Radhika Santhanam (2013). Digital Games and Beyond: What Happens When Players Compete. MIS Quarterly 37(1) 111-124. Download
  3. Liu, Shulin, Jun Li, and De Liu (2012). Multi-attribute Procurement Auctions with Risk Averse Suppliers. Economics Letters 115(3) 408-411. Download | SSRN
  4. Liu, De, Gautam Ray, and Andrew B. Whinston (2010). The Interaction between Knowledge Codification and Knowledge Sharing Networks. Information Systems Research 21(4) 892-906. Download
  5. Liu, De, Jianqing Chen, and Andrew B. Whinston (2010). Ex-Ante Information and Design of Keyword Auctions. Information Systems Research 21 (1): 133-153. Download
  6. Chen, Jian-qing, De Liu, and Andrew Whinston. Auctioning Keywords in Online Search (2009). Journal of Marketing 73(4), 125-141 Download
  7. Wu, Jiming and De Liu (2007). The Effects of Trust and Enjoyment on Intention to Play Online Games. Journal of Electronic Commerce Research 8 (2), 128-140. Download
  8. Liu, De, Xianjun Geng, and Andrew B. Whinston (2007). Optimal Design of Consumer Contests. Journal of Marketing, Vol. 71 (October 2007), pp140-155. Download
  9. Liu, De and Jianqing Chen (2006). Designing online auctions with past performance information. Decision Support Systems, 42, 1307-1320. Download

Book Chapters:

  1. Liu, De, Xianjun Geng, A. B. Whinston (2007). Status Seeking and the Design of Online Entertainment Communities. In Karmarkar, Uday S. and Uday M. Apte, eds. Managing in the Information Economy: Current Research Issues. New York, NY: Springer. Download
  2. Susarla, A., D. Liu, A. B. Whinston (2003). Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Management. In C. W. Holsapple (eds) Handbook on Knowledge Management. Berlin, Germany: Springer. Volume 2: 129-140. Download
  3. Liu, De, Jianqing Chen, A. B. Whinston (2007). Current Issues in Keyword Auctions. Download


Doctoral Students

  • Pei Xu (proposal defended, expected 2014), University of Kentucky, Dissertation Chair

    Dissertation Title: How Consumers Use Social Shopping Websites? The Effect of Social Recommendation and Computer Recommendation. Placement: Auburn University.

  • Zhihong Ke, University of Kentucky, Dissertation Chair
  • Matthew Spradling, University of Kentucky Computer Science, Dissertation Committee Member

Last update: 4/1/2014