Christopher R. Bollinger

Department of Economics, University of Kentucky    



ECO 703
MWF 9:00AM
Room 214 BE

Below are links to class materials:
Please note that while I will do my best to keep this up to date, it is your responsibility to obtain materials if you miss a class.


fayettehomes.dta (stata)

fayettehomes.sas7bdat (SAS v9)

fayettehomes.xls (excel)

fayettehomes.csv (comma delimited ascii)

Nerlov Documentation

nerlov.dta (stata)

nerlov.sas7bdat (sas V6)

nerlov.xls (excel)

cpsearn03.dta (stata)

cpsearn02.sas7bdat (SAS data)

cpsearn03codes.txt (codebook)

Mroz.dta (stata)

Mroz.sas7bdat (SAS v9)

Mroz.csv (Comma delimited ascii)

bweight.dta (stata)

bweight.sas7bdat (SAS v8)

card.dta (stata)

card.sas7bdat (SAS v8)



Greetings, Looking forward to a good semester.

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