Research Papers

A Panel Quantile Approach to Attrition Bias in Big Data: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment

Journal of Econometrics
M. Harding and Carlos E. Lamarche
Audit Firm Tenure, Bank Complexity and Financial Reporting Quality

Contemporary Accounting Research
Brian Bratten, Monika Causholli, and Thomas Omer
Discount Dynamics: Consumer Reactions to Price Discounts across a Shopping Experience

Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services
Daniel Sheehan, David Hardesty, Haipeng (Allan) Chen, and Alexander Zeigler
Knowledge and Skills in Complex Assurance Engagements: The Case of XBRL

Journal of Information Systems
Roger Debreceny, Stephanie Farewell, Audrey N. Scarlata, and Dan Stone
Mapping Time: How the Spatial Representation of Time Influences Intertemporal Choices

Journal of Marketing Research
M. Romero, Adam Craig, and A. Kumar
Multichannel customer onboarding

Marketing Science Institute Working Paper Series
Stephen W Samaha, Irina V Kozlenkova, Jordan Moffett, and Robert W Palmatier
Neural Correlates of Intertemporal Choice in Aggressive Behavior.

Aggressive Behavior
David Chester, Sarah Beth Bell, C. Nathan DeWall, Marisabel Romero-Lopez, Samuel West, and Adam Craig
On the Economic Value of Signals

B. E. Journal of Theoretical Economics
Yoko Kusunose and Adib Bagh
Preserving Bidder Privacy in Assignment Auctions: Design and Measurement

Management Science
Adib Bagh and De Liu
Proposal readability, audit firm size and engagement success

Managerial Auditing Journal
Yu-Tzu Chang and Dan Stone
Retail Price Competition With Product Fit Uncertainty and Assortment Selection

Production and Operations Management
Haoying Sun and Steve Gilbert
Saving Your Self: How Identity Relevance Influences Product Usage

Journal of Consumer Research
Daniel Sheehan and Sara Loughran Dommer
Stacked Discount and Product Return

Marketing Science
Necati Ertekin, Jeff Shulman, and Haipeng (Allan) Chen
Strategic Bidding and Contract Renegotiation

International Economic Review
H. Jung, G. Kosmopoulou, Carlos E. Lamarche, and R. Sicotte
Text Data Sources in Archival Accounting Research: Insights and Strategies for Accounting Systems' Scholars

Journal of Information Systems
Michael Chuancai Zhang, Dan Stone, and Hong Xie
Why does decomposed audit proposal readability differ by audit firm size? A Coh-Metrix approach

Managerial Auditing Journal
Yu-Tzu Chang and Dan Stone

"The Influence of Retailer Size on Consumer Responses to Social Responsibility Initiatives"

Journal of Consumer Behaviour
Todd Green, Alexis Allen, and John Peloza
A New Look at Lake Wobegone: Who’s in Your Canoe

American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings
Christopher R. Bollinger, Tisha L.N. Emerson, Gail Hoyt, and Linda English
A social network perspective on organizational citizenship behavior.

Oxford University Press
Daniel J. Brass
A Sociopolitical Perspective on Employee Innovativeness and Job Performance: The Role of Political Skill and Network Structure

Travis J. Grosser, David Obstfeld, Emily W. Choi, Meredith Woehler, Virginie Lopez-Kidwell, Joe Labianca, and Steve Borgatti
Accounting for Professional Accountants' Dysfunctional knowledge Sharing: A Self-Determination Theory Perspective

Journal of Information Systems
Cam Cockrell, Dan Stone, and Ben Wier
Applying the International Professional Practices Framework 4th Edition

Internal Audit Foundation
Urton Anderson and Andrew Dahle
Best in Class or Simply the Best? The Impact of Absolute Versus Relative Eco-Labeling Approaches

Journal of Public Policy & Marketing
Stefanie Hille, Moritz Loock, and John Peloza
Business Social Media Analytics: Characterization and Conceptual Framework

Decision Support Systems and Electronic Commerce
Clyde Holsapple, Shih-Hui Hsiao, and Ram Pakath
Culture, Relationship Norm, and Dual Entitlement

Journal of Consumer Research
Haipeng (Allan) Chen, Lisa Bolton, Sharon Ng, Dongwon Lee, and Dian Wang
Emotions during Executive Succession in a Public Board

Journal of Organizational Change Management
Humera Manzoor, Nancy Brown Johnson, and Mehboob Ur-Rashid
Liquidity Provision and the Cross-Section of Hedge Fund Skill

Management Science
Russell E Jame
Mental Accounting for Percentages Revisited: The Role of a Computational Error

Journal of Marketing Behavior
Haipeng (Allan) Chen and Haoying Sun
Multiplex Conflict: Examining the Effects of Overlapping Task and Relationship Conflict on Advice Seeking in Organizations

Journal of Business and Psychology
Joshua E. Marineau, Anthony C. Hood, and Joe Labianca
Multiplex Conflict: Examining the Effects of Overlapping Task and Relationship Conflict on Advice Seeking in Organizations

Joshua E. Marineau, Anthony C. Hood, and Joe Labianca
Need Depriving Effects of Financial Insecurity: Implications for Well-Being and Financial Behaviors

Netta Weinstein and Dan Stone
Online Reviews and Collaborative Service Provision: A Signal-Jamming Model

Production and Operations Management
Haoying Sun and Lizhen Xu
Organizational Form and Corporate Payout Policy
Mark Liu, Bradford Jordan, and Qun Wu
Racial Climate and Homeownership

Journal of Housing Economics
Aaron Yelowitz and Timothy Harris
Simple Sufficient Conditions for Weak Reciprocal Upper Semi-Continuity in Mixed extensions of Games

Journal of Mathematical Economics
Adib Bagh, Blake Allison , and Jason Lepore
Social resource management: Integrating social network theory and human resource management.

Academy of Management Annals
Scott Soltis, Dan J. Brass, and David P Lepak
Tailoring IPPF Implementation

internal Auditor
Urton Anderson, Andrew Dahle, and Alice Mariano
Techniques: Dichotomizing a network

Steve Borgatti and Eric Quintane
The Drivers of Collaborative Success between Rural Economic Development Organizations

Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly
Brandon Ofem, Bindu Arya, and Steve Borgatti
The Effect of Real Earnings Management on Auditor Scrutiny of Management's Other Financial Reporting Decisions

The Accounting Review
Benjamin P Commerford, Richard Hatfield, and Richard Houston
The Effect of Smoking on Obesity: Evidence from a Randomized Trial

Journal of Health Economics
Charles Courtemanche, Rusty Tchernis, and Ben Ukert
The evolution of the board interlock network following Sarbanes-Oxley

Social Networks
Mike Withers, Ji Youn (Rose) Kim, and Michael Howard
The Marketing of Love: How Attachment Styles Affect Romantic Consumption Journeys

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
Martin Mende, Maura L. Scott, Aaron Garvey, and Lisa E. Bolton
The “New Statistics” and Nullifying the Null: Twelve Actions for Improving Quantitative Accounting Research Quality and Integrity

Accounting Horizons
Dan Stone
Work friends forever? Understanding why workplace relationships persist beyond the loss of workplaces as social foci

Academy of Management Discoveries
Ian Walsh, Daniel S. Halgin, and Zhi Huang
“How Deviations from Performance Norms Impact Prosocial Behavior"

Journal of Marketing Research
Alexis Allen, Anne Meike Eilert, and John Peloza
“How Rude! The Impact of Online Incivility on Perceptions of Justice in Social Media Customer Service Encounters”

Journal of Interactive Marketing
Todd J. Bacile, Jeremy Woltor, Alexis Allen, and Pei Xu
“In-store Spending Dynamics: How Budgets Invert Relative Spending Patterns”

Journal of Consumer Research
Daniel Sheehan and Koert van Ittersum

"The Case for Adopting Blockmodeling in Human Resource Management Research: Examples in Analyzing Social Networks and HRM Systems"
Cinthia B. Satornino, Patrick Doreian, and Alexis Allen
"The Jilting Effect: Antecedents, Mechanisms, and Consequences for Preference"

Journal of Marketing Research
Aaron M Garvey, Margaret G. Meloy, and Baba Shiv
Auditor Information Foraging Behavior

The Accounting Review
Benjamin P Commerford, Richard C Hatfield, Richard Houston, and Curtis Mullis
Bayesian Moment Based Inference in a Regression Model with Misclassification Error

Journal of Econometrics
Christopher R. Bollinger and Martijn von Hasselt
Conclusion: informing customer engagement marketing and future research

Palgrave Macmillan, Cham
Colleen M Harmeling, Jordan Moffett, and Robert W Palmatier
Costly Curves: How Human-Like Shapes Can Increase Spending

Journal of Consumer Research
M. Romero and Adam Craig
Demographics and Aggregate Household Saving in Japan, China, and India

Journal of Macroeconomics
Chadwick C. Curtis, Steven Lugauer, and Nelson C. Mark
Early Impacts of the Affordable Care Act on Health Insurance Coverage in Medicaid Expansion and Non-Expansion States

Journal of Policy Analysis and Management
Charles Courtemanche, James Marton, Ben Ukert, Aaron Yelowitz, and Daniela Zapata
Eco-Product Choice Cuts Both Ways: How Pro-Environmental Licensing versus Reinforcement is Contingent upon Environmental Consciousness

Journal of Public Policy and Marketing
Aaron M. Garvey and Lisa E. Bolton
Employee mobility, spin-outs, and knowledge spill-in: How incumbent firms can learn from new ventures

Strategic Management Journal
Ji Youn (Rose) Kim and Kevin Steensma
Forecasting Taxes: New Evidence from Analysts

The Accounting Review
Brian Bratten, Cristi A Gleason, Stephannie A Larocque, and Lillian F Mills
Institutional Ownership and CEO Equity Incentives

Journal of Managerial Accounting Research
Brian Bratten and Yanfeng Xue
Online Learning Integrity Approaches: Current Practices and Future Solutions

Online Learning Journal
Anita Lee-Post and Holly Hapke
Penalized Quantile Regression with Semiparametric Individual Effects: An Application with Heterogeneous Preferences

Journal of Applied Econometrics
M. Harding and Carlos E. Lamarche
Precautionary Saving of Chinese and US Households

Journal of Money, Credit and Banking
Horag Choi, Steven Lugauer, and Nelson C. Mark
Technological links, social ties, incumbent firm opportunistic propensity and the formation of CVC deals

Journal of Management
Ji Youn Kim, Kevin Steensma, and Haemin Dennis Park
The Effect of Budget Framing and Budget-Setting Process on Managerial Reporting

Journal of Management Accounting Research
Joseph Fisher, Sean Peffer, Jason Brown, and Geoffrey Sprinkle
The Effects of Products’ Aesthetic Design on Demand and Marketing-Mix Effectiveness: The Role of Segment Prototypicality and Brand Consistency

Journal of Marketing
Yan Liu, Krista J. Li, Haipeng (Allan) Chen, and Subramanian Balachander
The Joint Effects of Ex Ante Contractual Completeness and Ex Post Governance on Compliance in Franchised Marketing Channels

Journal of Marketing
Vishal Kashyap and Brian R. Murtha
The Licensing Effect Revisited: How Virtuous Behavior Heightens the Pleasure Derived from Subsequent Hedonic Consumption

Journal of Marketing Behavior
Aaron M Garvey and Lisa E Bolton
Time Preferences and Consumer Behavior

Journal of Risk and Uncertainty
Charles Courtemanche, Garth Heutel, David Bradford, Patrick McAlvanah, and Chris Ruhm
Toward a theory of customer engagement marketing

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
Colleen M Harmeling, Jordan Moffett, Mark J Arnold, and Brad D Carlson
Two faces of early corporate venture capital funding: promoting innovation and inhibiting IPOs

Strategy Science
Ji Youn (Rose) Kim and H. Dennis Park
Universal Design for Learning in Teaching Large Lecture Classes

Journal of Marketing Education
Anita Lee-Post, Tereza Dean, and Holly Hapke
Well Known or Well Liked? The Effects of Corporate Reputation on Firm Value at the Onset of a Corporate Crisis

Strategic Management Journal
Jiuchang Wei, Zhe Ouyang, and Haipeng (Allan) Chen

"Information Form and Level-of-Analysis as Moderators of the Influence of Information Diagnosticity on Consumer Choice Confidence and Purchase Readiness"

Academy of Marketing Studies Journal
Demetra Andrews and Alexis Allen
A Bayesian Analysis of Binary Misclassification

Economics Letters
Christopher R. Bollinger and Martijn van Hasselt
Choosing to Choose: The Effects of Decoys and Prior Choice on Deferral

Management Science
William M. Hedgcock, Raghunath Singh Rao, and Haipeng (Allan) Chen
Concession, Contention and Accountability in Auditor-Client Negotiations

Behavioral Research in Accounting
Robert Ramsay, Sean Peffer, and Jason Bergner
Corporate Disclosure, Analyst Forecast Dispersion, and Stock Returns

Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance
Mark Liu, Ashiq Ali, Danielle Xu, and Tong Yao
Do Smoking Bans Improve Neonatal Health

Health Services Research
Scott Hankins and Yelena Tarasenko
Dynamics of Social Capital: Effects of Performance Feedback on Network Change

Organization Studies
Andrew Parker, Daniel S. Halgin, and Steve Borgatti
Dynamics of Social Capital: Effects of Performance Feedback on Network Change

Organization Studies
Andrew Parker, Daniel S. Halgin, and Steve Borgatti
Earnings Management: Do Firms Play 'Follow the Leader?'

Contemporary Accounting Research
Brian Bratten, Jeff Payne, and Wayne B Thomas
Empowering Consumers through Smart Technology: Experimental Evidence on the Consequences of Time-of-Use Electricity Pricing

Journal of Policy Analysis and Management
M. Harding and Carlos E. Lamarche
Existence of Equilibria in Constrained Discontinuous Games

International Journal of Game Theory
Adib Bagh
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 11e

Bradford D Jordan, Randolph W. Westerfield, and Stephen A Ross
Labor-Market Returns to the GED Using Regression Discontinuity Analysis

Journal of Political Economy
Kenneth Troske, Chris Jepsen, and Peter Mueser
Performance Brand Placebos: How Brands Improve Performance and Consumers Take the Credit

Journal of Consumer Research
Aaron M Garvey, Frank A. Germann, and Lisa E. Bolton
Real Earnings Management: A Threat to Auditor Comfort?

Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory
Benjamin P Commerford, Dana R Hermanson, Richard W Houston, and Michael F Peters
Regulatory Oversight and Return Misreporting

Review of Finance
William C. Gerken and Stephen Dimmock
Retroactive Tax Legislation, Reported Earnings, and Investors’ Responses to Earnings ‘Surprises’: Evidence from R&D Credit Extensions

Journal of the American Taxation Association
Brian Bratten and David S Hulse
The Accuracy of Disclosures for Complex Estimates: Evidence from Reported Stock Option Fair Values

Accounting, Organizations and Society
Brian Bratten, Ross Jennings , and Casey M Schwab
The Cost of Financial Flexibility: Evidence from Share Repurchases

Journal of Corporate Finance
Bradford D Jordan, Alice A Bonaime, and Kristine W Hankins
The extent of information efficiency in the credit default swap market: evidence from post announcement returns

Review of Quanitative Finance and Accounting
Nicole Thorne Jenkins, M Kimbrough, and J Wang
The Value of Crowdsourced Earnings Forecasts

Journal of Accounting Research
Russell E Jame, Stanimir Markov, Rick Johnston, and Michael Wolfe
Turning Unplanned Overpayment into a Status Signal: How Mentioning the Price Paid Repairs Satisfaction

Marketing Letters
Aaron M Garvey, Simon J. Blanchard, and Karen P. Winterich
Understanding the Structure and Evolution of Social Networks in Management Strategy: Exponential Random Graph Models

Strategic Management Journal
Ji Youn Kim, Mike Howard, Emily Cox-Pahnke, and Warren Boeker
Usefulness of Fair Values for Predicting Banks' Future Earnings: Evidence from Other Comprehensive Income and Its Components

Review of Accounting Studies
Brian Bratten, Monika Causholli, and Urooj Khan

"Someone to Watch Over Me: The Integration of Privacy and Corporate Social Responsibility"

Business Horizons
Alexis Allen and John Peloza
A Theory of Capital Structure, Price Impact, and Long-Run Stock Returns under Heterogeneous Beliefs

The Review of Corporate Finance Studies
Mark Liu, Onur Bayar, Thomas Chemmanur, and
Demographic Patterns and Household Saving in China

American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics
Chadwick C. Curtis, Steven Lugauer, and Nelson C. Mark
Eluding the Lemons: Buyer Mindfulness and Seller Deception in Online Auctions

Journal of Forensic and Investigative Accounting
Alexei N. Nikitkov and Dan Stone
Emotional Ability Training and Mindful Eating

Journal of Marketing Research
David Hardesty, Blair Kidwell, and Jonathan Hasford
Fundamentals of Investments: Valuation and Management, 7th edition

Brad Jordan, T.W. Miller, and S.D. Dolvin
Impacts of the Affordable Care Act Dependent Coverage Mandate on Health-Related Outcomes of Young Adults

Journal of Health Economics
Charles Courtemanche, Silvia Barbaresco, and Yanling Qi
Impatience, Incentives, and Obesity

Economic Journal
Charles Courtemanche, Garth Heutel, and Patrick McAlvanah
Industry Information and the 52-Week High Effect

Pacific-Basin Finance Journal
Mark Liu, Bradford Jordan, and Xin Hong
Managing the Cost of Multiple Debt Accounts: Not All Debts are Created Equal

Journal of Consumer Psychology
A. Beshart, S. Varki, and Adam Craig
More Than a Feeling: Emotional Contagion Effects in Persuasive Communication

Journal Of Marketing Research
Jonathan Hasford, David Hardesty, and Blair Kidwell
On Persistent Poverty in a Rich Country

Southern Economic Journal
Tonmoy Islam, Jenny Minier, and James Ziliak
One Firm’s Loss is Another’s Gain: Capitalizing on Other Firms’ Service Failures

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
Alexis M Allen, Michael K Brady, Stacey G. Robinson, and Clay M Voorhees
Performance Target Levels and Effort: The Impact of Reciprocity across Single and Repeated Interaction Settings

Journal of Management Accounting Research
Joseph Fisher, Sean Peffer, Geoffrey Sprinkle, and Michael Williamson
Post-Hunton: Reclaiming Our Integrity and Literature

Journal of Information Systems
Dan Stone
Structure and agency in networked, distributed work: The role of work engagement

American Behavioral Scientist
Daniel S. Halgin, Gopakumar Gopalakrishnan, and Steve Borgatti
The Effect of Using a Lattice Model to Estimate Reported Option Values

Contemporary Accounting Research
Brian Bratten, Ross Jennings, and Casey M Schwab
The Role of CPS Non-Response on Trends in Poverty and Inequality

Journal of the American Statistical Association
Charles Hokayem, James Ziliak, and Christopher R. Bollinger
Volatility and Mutual Fund Manager Skill

Journal of Financial Economics
Bradford D Jordan and Timothy B Riley
“How Did the Recession Change the Communication of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities”

Long Range Planning
Todd Green and John Peloza
“When Companies Do Good, Are Their Products Good For You? How Corporate Social Responsibility Creates a Health Halo”

Journal of Public Policy & Marketing
John Peloza, Christine Ye, and William J. Montford

"Finding the Right Shade of Green: The Effect of Advertising Appeal Type on Environmentally Friendly Consumption"

Journal of Advertising
John Peloza and Todd Green
"The Nature of Slacktivism: How the Social Observability of an Initial Act of Token Support Impacts Subsequent Prosocial Action"

Journal of Consumer Research
Kirk Kristofferson, Katherine White, and John Peloza
A Unified Foundation for Business Analytics

Decision Support Systems
Clyde W Holsapple, Anita Lee-Post, and Ram Pakath
Access to Management and the Informativeness of Analyst Research

Journal of Financial Economics
Russell E Jame, T. Clifton Green, Stanimir Markov, and Musa Subasi
An Estimate of the Age Distribution's Effect on Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Economic Inquiry
Steven Lugauer, Richard Jensen, and Clayton Sadler
Broker-Hosted Investor Conferences

Journal of Accounting and Economics
Russell E Jame, T. Clifton Green, Stanimir Markov, and Musa Subasi
Corporate Payout Policy in Dual-Class Firms (lead article)

Journal of Corporate Finance
Brad Jordan, Mark Liu, and Qun Wu
Do Capital Controls Enhance Monetary Independence?

Review of Development Economics
Yu You, Yoonbai Kim, and Xiaomei Ren
Does Universal Coverage Improve Health? The Massachusetts Experience

Journal of Policy Analysis and Management
Charles Courtemanche and Daniela Zapata
Essentials of Corporate Finance, 8th edition

Brad Jordan, S.A. Ross, and R.W. Westerfield
Estimating and Testing a Quantile Regression Model with Interactive Effects

Journal of Econometrics
M. Harding and Carlos E. Lamarche
Estimating the Social Value of Higher Education: Willingness to Pay for Community and Technical Colleges

Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis
Glenn C. Blomquist, Paul Coomes, Chris Jepsen, Brandon Koford, and Kenneth Troske
Imaginary worlds: Using visual network scales to capture perceptions of social networks.

Emerald Group Publishing, Ltd.
Ajay Mehra, Steve Borgatti, Scott Soltis, Teresa Floyd, Brandon Ofem, Daniel S. Halgin, and Virginie L. Kidwell
Internal Auditing

Urton Anderson and Margaret Christ
Internal Controls, Routine Activity Theory (RAT), and Sustained Online Auction Deception: A Longitudinal Analysis

Journal of Information Systems
Alexei N. Nikitkov, Dan Stone, and Timothy C. Miller
Marketing Doctrine: A Principles-based Approach to Guide Marketing Decision-Making in Firms

Journal of Marketing
Goutam Challagalla, Brian Murtha, and Bernard Jaworski
Old Hens Make the Best Soup: Accounting for the Earning Process and the IASB/FASB Attempts to Reform Revenue Recognition Accounting Standards

Accounting in Europe
Nicole Thorne Jenkins, Yuri Biondi, Eiko Tsujiyama, Jonathan Glover, Bjorn Jorgensen, John Lacey, Richard Macve, , and
Optimal Per-use Rentals and Sales of Durable Products and their Distinct Roles in Price Discrimination

Production and Operations Management
Stephen M Gilbert, Ramandeep Randhawa, and Haoying Sun
Relevant but delayed information in negotiated audit fees

Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory
Nicole Thorne Jenkins, K Hackenbrack, and K Pevzner
Social network research: Confusions, criticisms, and controversies

Steve Borgatti, Dan J. Brass, and Daniel S. Halgin
Strategy, IT and control @ eBay, 1995-2005

Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management
Dan Stone, Alexei Nikitkov, and Timothy Miller
The Accuracy of Scanned Prices

Journal of Retailing
David Hardesty, Anthony D Miyazaki, Ronnie C. Goodstein, Dhruv Grewal, and Praveen Kopalle
The Labor-Market Returns for Community College Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates

Journal of Labor Economics
Chris Jepsen, Kenneth Troske, and Paul Coomes
What Are SEC Football Tickets Worth? Evidence from Secondary Market Transactions

Southern Economic Journal
Frank Scott and Ken Sanford
“Smart Shopping Carts: How Real-Time Spending Feedback Influences Grocery Shopping Behavior,”

Journal of Marketing
Daniel Sheehan, Brian Wansink, Koert van Ittersum, and Joost Pennings

"Good and Guilt-Free: The Role of Self-Accountability in Influencing Preferences for Products with Ethical Attributes"

Journal of Marketing
John Peloza, Katherine White, and Jingzhi Shang
A social network perspective on turnover intentions: The influence of social support and distributive justice.

Human Resource Management
Scott Soltis, Philip Agneessens, Zuzana Sasovova, and Joe Labianca
An Examination of Evolved Behavior in Two Reinforcement Learning Systems

Decision Support Systems
David A Gaines and Ram Pakath
Better Reply Security and Existence of Equilibria in Differential Games

Journal of Dynamic Games and Applications
Adib Bagh
Company Name Fluency, Investor Recognition, and Firm Value

Journal of Financial Economics
Russell E Jame and T. Clifton Green
Estimation of Censored Quantile Regression for Panel Data with Fixed Effects

Journal of the American Statistical Association
A. Galvao, Carlos E. Lamarche, and L. Lima
Evidence that Market Participants Assess Recognized and Disclosed Items Similarly when Reliability is Not an Issue

The Accounting Review
Brian Bratten, Preeti Choudhary, and Katherine Schipper
Getting Liberals and Conservatives to Go Green: Political Ideology and Congruent Appeals

Journal of Consumer Research
David Hardesty, Blair Kidwell, and Adam Farmer
Internal Auditing: Assurance and Advisory Services, 3rd Edition

The Institute of Internal Auditors Research Foundation
Urton Anderson, Kurt F Reding, Paul A Sobel, Michael J Head, Sridhar Ramamoorti, Mark Salamasick, and Cris Riddle
Is Earnings Response Ignorable?

Review of Economics and Statistics
Christopher R. Bollinger and Barry Hirsch
Peaking at the Right Time: Perceptions, Expectations, and Effects

Organizational Behavior And Human Decision Processes
Brian Murtha
The Audit of Fair Values and Other Estimates: The Effects of Underlying Environmental, Task, and Auditor-Specific Factors

Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory
Brian Bratten, Lisa Milici Gaynor, Linda McDaniel, Norma R Montague, and Gregory E Sierra
Using Nonexperimental Methods to Estimate Program Impacts: A Guide to Evaluating Employment and Job Training Programs

IZA Journal of Labor Economics
Kenneth Troske, Carolyn Heinrich, Peter Mueser, Kyung-Seong Jeon, and Daver C Kahvecioglu
When is Trade Protection Good for Growth?

Economic Inquiry
Jenny Minier and Bulent Unel

"Sustainability: How Stakeholder Perceptions Differ From Corporate Reality"

California Management Review
John Peloza, Moritz Loock, James Cerruti, and Michael Muyot
A Post-SOX Examination of Factors Associated with the Size of Internal Audit Functions

Accounting Horizons
Urton Anderson, Margaret Christ, Karla Johnstone, and Larry Rittenberg
Addressing the Employment Situation is the Aftermath of the Great Recession

Journal of Policy Analysis and Management
Kenneth Troske and David Neumark
An introduction to personal network analysis and tie churn statistics using E-NET.

Daniel S. Halgin and Steve Borgatti
Binary Misclassification and Identification in Regression Models

Economics Letters
Christopher R. Bollinger and Martijn von Hasselt
Estimating the Effect of the Age Distribution on Output Volatility across the United States

Review of Economics and Statistics
Steven Lugauer
How to Price Discriminate When Tariff Size Matters

Marketing Science
Adib Bagh and Hemant K. Bhargava
Out of the Dark: Hedge Fund Reporting Biases and Commercial Databases

Review of Financial Studies
Chris Clifford, Adam Aiken, and Jesse Ellis
Predicting Fraud by Investment Managers

Journal of Financial Economics
William C. Gerken and Stephen G Dimmock
Suspicious Minds: An fMRI Investigation of Deception Detection Processes in the Marketplace

Journal of Marketing Research
Adam Craig, Y. Komarova, S. Wood, and J.M.C. Vendemia
The Age Distribution and Business Cycle Volatility: International Evidence

Economics Letters
Steven Lugauer and Michael Redmond
The Political Economy of Exchange Rate Regimes in Developed and Developing countries

European Journal of Political Economy
Aziz Berdiev, Yoonbai Kim, and Chun Ping Chang
The Third Line of Defense: Internal Audits’ Role in the Governance Process

Internal Auditing
Urton Anderson and Brian Daugherty
When More Is Less: The Impact of Base Value Neglect on Consumer Preferences for Bonus Packs over Price Discounts

Journal of Marketing
Haipeng (Allan) Chen, Howard Marmorstein, Michael Tsiros, and Akshay R Rao

"How Can Corporate Social Responsibility Activities Create Value for Stakeholders? A Systematic Review"

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
John Peloza and Jingzhi Shang
Down From the Mountain: Skill Upgrading and Wages in Appalachia

Journal of Labor Economics
Christopher R. Bollinger, Kenneth Troske, and James Ziliak
Emotional Intelligence in Marketing Exchanges

Journal Of Marketing
Blair Kidwell, David Hardesty, Brian Murtha, and Simon Sheng
Implementing the International Professional Practices Framework: Updated 3rd Edition

The Institute of Internal Auditors Research Foundation
Urton Anderson and Andrew Dahle
Information asymmetry and restatetment announcements: evidene from informed trading

The Accounting Review
Nicole Thorne Jenkins, S P Hribar, and B Badertscher
Is Direct Access to Obstetricians/Gynecologists Effective at Improving Maternal Health Behaviors?
Scott Hankins and Christine Durrance
Lucky in Life, Unlucky in Love? The Effect of Random Income Shocks on Marriage and Divorce

Journal of Human Resources
Scott Hankins and Mark Hoekstra
Manager responses to internal transfer attempts: Managerial orientation, social capital, and perceived benefits as predictors of assisting, hindering, or refraining.

Organizational Psychology Review
Brian Dineen, Juan Ling, and Scott Soltis
Measuring the Incentives to Learn in Colombia Using New Quantile Regression Approaches

Journal of Development Economics
Carlos E. Lamarche
Network Theory

Organization Science
Steve Borgatti and Daniel S. Halgin
Repairing a Mortgage Crisis: HOLC Lending and its Impact on Local Housing Markets

Journal of Economic History
Charles Courtemanche and Ken Snowden
Supersizing Supercenters? The Impact of Walmart Supercenters on Body Mass Index and Obesity

Journal of Urban Economics
Charles Courtemanche and Art Carden
The Contagion Effects of Accounting Restatement, a Summary

John Wiley & Sons, Inc
Nicole Thorne Jenkins
The Threat from Within: Account Managers' Concerns About Opportunism by Their Own Team Members

Management Science
Brian Murtha, Goutam Challagalla, and Ajay K. Kohli
The Ticket to Easy Street? The Financial Consequences of Winning the Lottery

The Review of Economics and Statistics
Scott Hankins, Mark Hoekstra, and Paige Skiba
Trade Policy in Majoritarian Systems: The case of the U.S.

Canadian Journal of Economics
Per G. Fredriksson, Xenia Matschke, and Jenny Minier

"Pricing Anomalies in the Market for Diamonds: Evidence of Conformist Behavior"

Economic Inquiry
Frank Scott and Aaron Yelowitz
AirTran Airways: The Limitations of Low-End Disruptive Innovation Strategies

International Journal Of Human Resource Management
S Droege and Nancy Johnson
Analyzing Affiliation Networks

Sage Publications
Steve Borgatti and Daniel S. Halgin
Behavior-based Analysis of Knowledge Dissemination Channels in Operations Management

OMEGA: The International Journal of Management Science
Clyde Holsapple and Anita Lee-Post
Effective Sizing of Internal Audit Departments

Institute of internal Audiotrs Research Foundation
Urton Anderson, Margaret Christ, Karla Johnstone, and Larry Rittenberg
Effective Sizing of Internal Audit Departments for Colleges and Universities

Institute of internal Audiotrs Research Foundation
Urton Anderson, Margaret Christ, Karla Johnstone, and Larry Rittenberg
Ending a Price Promotion: Retracting it in One Step or Phasing it out Gradually?

Journal of Marketing
Michael Tsiros and David Hardesty
Environmental Policy in a Majoritarian System

Journal Of Environmental Economics And Management
Per G Fredriksson, Xenia Matschke, and Jenny Minier
Improved Efficient Quasi Maximum Likelihood Estimator of Spatial Autoregressive Models

Journal of Econometrics
Xiaodong Lui, Lung-Fei Lee, and Christopher R. Bollinger
Pure strategy equilibria in Bertrand games with discontinuous demand and asymmetric tie-breaking rules

Economics Letters
Adib Bagh
Recruitment: A review of research and emerging directions.

American Psychological Association
Scott Soltis and Brian Dineen
Robust Penalized Quantile Regression Estimator for Panel Data

Journal of Econometrics
Carlos E. Lamarche
Sources of Exchange Rate Movements in Japan: Is the Exchange Rate a Shock-absorber or a Source of Shock?

Review of International Economics
Lian An and Yoonbai Kim
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