Past Seminars and Workshops

Mark C. Berger Workshop Series
Date Presenter Title
February 10 Melissa Kearney (Maryland)

“Male Earnings, Marriageable Men, and Non-Marital Fertility: Evidence from the Fracking Boom.”

February 24 & 25 Cleveland Federal Reserve / UK Joint Workshop TBA
March 3 TBA TBA
March 10 Nathan Miller (Georgetown) "Finding Mr. Schumpeter: An Empirical Study of Competition and Technology Adoption"
March 24 Dennis Yang (Virginia)

“Offshoring and Wage Inequality: Theory and Evidence from China”

April 14 John Morgan (UC-Berkeley) "Persuasion"
April 21 Katherine Erickson (UC-Davis) "Death in the Promised Land: The Great Migration and Black Infant Mortality"
April 28 Nuno Limao (Maryland) TBA
May 5 Dan Phaneuf (Wisconsin-Madison) TBA
Department Workshops
Date Presenter Title
February 13 Drew Hanks (Ohio State) "From Paper to Plastic: Understanding the Impact of EBT on WIC Recipient Behavior”
March 20 Trevor Gallen (Purdue) TBA
Wednesday, March 29 4th Year Graduate Student Presentations See schedule
April 3 Ian Schmutte (Georgia) TBA
Wednesday, April 5 4th Year Graduate Student Presentations See schedule
April 10 Chad Curtis (Richmond) TBA
April 17 Mostafa Beshkar (Indiana) "Interdependence of Trade Policies in General Equilibrium"
April 24 Breno Braga (Urban Institute TBA
Mark C. Berger Workshop Series
Date Presenter Title
September 9 Nicolas Ziebarth (Cornell University)

"The Pros and Cons of Sick Pay Schemes: Testing for Contagious Presenteeism and Noncontagious Absenteeism Behavior"

September 16 (1:00 PM, Gatton 311) Yoto Yotov (Drexel University) "Growth and Trade with Frictions: A Structural Estimation Framework"
September 23 Sílvia Gonçalves (University of Western Ontario) "Bootstrapping factor models with cross sectional dependence''
September 30 Daniel McMillen (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) "House Prices and School Choice: Evidence from Chicago's Magnet Schools Proximity Lottery"
October 7 Bruce Fallick (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland) “Spatial Correlation in Panel Regression: An Application to Demographic Adjustment”
October 14 Open TBA
October 21 2016 Kentucky Economics Association (KEA) @ Gatton College of Business and Economics TBA
October 28 (1:00 - 2:30 PM, Gatton 171) Sam Bucovetsky (York University) "Tax Competition for Headquarters"
November 4 (3:00 PM, Kincaid Auditorium) College Workshop (David Hardesty, Marketing) "Experimental Research in Gatton"
November 9 (1:30 - 3:00 PM, BE 235) Robert Tamara (Clemson)

"Results from Dynamic Models of Fertility and Schooling: Evidence on Black - White Differences, and Cross Country Differences"

(Relevant Papers: “Black and White Fertility, Differential Baby Booms: The Value of Equal Education Opportunity”; “Secular Fertility Declines, Baby Booms, and Economic Growth: International Evidence” ; “Economic Growth in the Long Run” ; Data Appendix for Economic Growth in the Long Run)

November 11 Margaret Walls (Resources for the Future) “Can Providing Information Shrink the Energy Efficiency Gap? An Evaluation of City Benchmarking and Disclosure Laws for Commercial Buildings”
November 18 (Note: SEA Nov 19-21) TBA
November 25 Thanksgiving Break TBA
December 2 Maggie Jones (U.S. Census Bureau) "Adding Insult to Injury: Racial Disparity in an Era of Increasing Income Inequality"

December 9

(1:30 PM, BE 127)

Keith Head (University of British Columbia) "Brands in motion: How frictions shape multinational production"
Department Workshops
Date Presenter Title
August 29 Tiim Harris (University of Kentucky) "Life Insurance Death Spiral? Analyzing Adverse Selection in the Group Market"
September 7 (Wednesday) Anna Maximova (University of Kentucky) "The Differential Effect of Immigrants and Refugees on Trade with their Home Countries”
September 8 (Thursday, BE 223J Amanda Ross (University of Alabama) "The Impact of the Cost of Car Ownership on the Housing Price Gradient in Singapore"
September 12 Carlos Lamarche (University of Kentucky)

“A Panel Quantile Approach to Attrition Bias in Big Data: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment”

September 29 Hao Guo (University of Kentucky)

“External Integration, Internal Liberalization, and the Coastal Agglomeration”

September 26 Robert Hartley (University of Kentucky) "Welfare Reform and the Intergenerational Transmission of Dependence"
October 3 Carla Nietfeld (University of Kentucky) "Do Educational Investments affect Aggregate Earnings and Employment?"
October 10 Steven Gordon (University of Kentucky) “The Impact of the Earmark Ban on the Distribution of Federal Funds”
October 17 Daniel Duncan (University of Kentucky) TBA
October 24 Gray Hunter (University of Kentucky) "An Examination of the Relationship between Student Expectations and College Attainment"
October 31 Felipe Benguria (University of Kentucky) Decomposing the Effects of Trade on the Gender Wage Gap"
November 7 Joel Rodrigue (Vanderbilt University) "Price and Quality Dynamics in Export Markets"
November 14 Tim Bond (Purdue University) “Prejudice and Racial Matches in Employment"
November 21 Southern Economics Association Meetings TBA
November 28 Aaron Yelowitz (University of Kentucky) "Does Medicaid Fraud Control Reduce Medicaid Spending?"
December 5 Laura Bakkensen (University of Arizona) "Learning from Public Information Under Conflicting
Signals: Evidence from U.S. Tornadoes"