Faculty Directory

Name Title(s) Email Address Phone Number Office #
Adib Bagh Associate Professor, Director of the Mathematical Economics Program adib.bagh@uky.edu (859) 257-3057 223F
Felipe Benguria Assistant Professor FBE225@uky.edu 223-H
Chris Bollinger Sturgill Endowed Professor of Economics crboll@email.uky.edu (859) 257-9524 225D Gatton College of Business
Mike Clark Associate Director, Center for Business and Economic Research Michael.Clark@uky.edu 225M
Charles Courtemanche Associate Professor courtemanche@uky.edu (859) 323-7990 223B
Anthony Creane Gatton Endowed Professor a.creane@uky.edu (859) 257-4566 225B
Alejandro Dellachiesa Lecturer in Economics adellachiesa@uky.edu 225N
Josh Ederington Gatton Professor of Economics ederington@uky.edu (859) 257-1588 225A GATTON COLLEGE OF BUS AND ECON
James Fackler Professor eco134@email.uky.edu (859) 257-7649 223W
John Garen BB&T Professor jgaren@email.uky.edu (859) 257-3581 223P
Bob Gillette Associate Professor jrgill01@uky.edu (859) 257-1411 BE 225L
Ana MarĂ­a Herrera Professor amherrera@uky.edu 223L
William Hoyt Chair Gatton Endowed Professor whoyt@uky.edu (859) 257-2518 238A
Gail Hoyt Professor of Economics and Gatton College Teaching Fellow ghoyt@email.uky.edu (859) 257-2517 245S
Yoonbai Kim Professor ykim01@uky.edu (859) 257-2838 GATTON COLLEGE OF BUSINESS
Carlos Lamarche Gatton Endowed Professor of Economics clamarche@uky.edu (859) 257-3371 223G
Steven Lugauer Assistant Professor steven.lugauer@uky.edu 225F
Lala Ma Assistant Professor lala.ma@uky.edu 225C
Olga Malkova Assistant Professor o.malkova@uky.edu 223D
Jenny Minier Sturgill Professor; Director of the Center for Business and Economic Research jminier@uky.edu (859) 257-9681 244
Darshak Patel Director of Undergraduate Studies/Lecturer darshak.patel@uky.edu 225P
Frank Scott Gatton Endowed Professor in Economics fscott@uky.edu (859) 257-7643 223-Q Gatton College of B&E
Ken Troske Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Outreach; Richard W. and Janis H. Furst Endowed Chair of Economics ktroske@uky.edu (859) 257-1282 359C
Aaron Yelowitz Professor of Economics; Director of the Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise aaron.yelowitz@uky.edu (859) 257-7634 334A
James Ziliak Gatton Endowed Chair in Microeconomics; Director of the Center for Poverty Research; Executive Director of the Kentucky Federal Statistical Research Data Center jziliak@uky.edu (859) 257-6902 550 South Limestone Street

Joint Faculty

Name Title(s) Email Address Phone Number Office #
David Agrawal Assistant Professor dragrawal@uky.edu (85) 257-2111 223C
J. S. Butler Professor j.s.butler@uky.edu (859) 257-1432 Patterson Office Tower 473
Alison Davis Professor (859) 257-7260 411 CE Barnhart Building
Yoko Kusunose Assistant Professor yoko.kusunose@uky.edu 859-257-7289 318 Charles E. Barnhart Bldg.


Name Title(s) Email Address Phone Number Office #
Glenn Blomquist Professor of Economics and Public Policy Emeritus (859) 257-3924 223V
David Wildasin Endowed Professor of Public Finance (Emeritus), Martin School of Public Policy and Administration and Professor (Emeritus) (859) 257 2456 225E