Facility Policies


The Gatton College facility is operated, funded and maintained by the Gatton College. Its primary purpose is to support the College mission of education, research and service. Although the College determines scheduling and operation, all appropriate university rules and regulations apply at this location (See https://www.uky.edu/eventmanagement/). In order that the Gatton facility be utilized to the fullest advantage, the following policies and guidelines for operation have been established. Failure to comply with the following policies may result in the loss of reservation privileges. Students and Registered Student Organizations are subject to the Code of Student Conduct UK policies, rules, and regulations, including the terms of this contract. Any potential violation of these policies may be referred to the Office of Student Conduct. 

Reservation Process Policies


  • Approval of all reservation requests are at the discretion of the Gatton College. Your request will be considered but there is no guarantee that it will be approved.

  • Academic courses and mission-related programs of the Gatton College shall receive first priority over any other type of activity or event. Whenever possible, two weeks will be given when a reservation must be cancelled or moved.

  • All reservation requests must be made through the campus Event Management System (EMS) (http://meetatbigblue.uky.edu). Requests will not be accepted through any other methods and no group will be given permission to reserve space unless the reservation process is followed.

  • Event reservations for the Gatton facility must be made at least 72 hours in advance of the event and no more than 365 days in advance of the event.

  • All use fitting the universities definition of an event (See http://www.uky.edu/eventmanagement/faqs#), must be approved by the University Events Office (UE).

  • In EMS, a “1st Contact” is required on the reservation request form. The person named in that field is considered the designated point person for the activity/event and has full responsibility for the general care of the Gatton space during the time of the reservation. 

  • Any organization or department that holds an event in the Gatton facility agrees to follow the policies laid out in this document by virtue of holding the approved event. 

  • Either the 1st or 2nd Contact person listed in EMS must be in attendance at the event or activity. 

  • Gatton facilities may be reserved for use by a registered student organization by officers designated on the student organization registration application. An organization officer MUST be present at the event/activity. 

  • Specific rooms requested will be assigned when possible, however the Gatton College reserves the right to make changes when necessary. 

  • Any services to be provided by the Gatton college in conjunction to the reservation must be requested and negotiated at least 2 weeks in advance of the reservation. Fees for services may apply.  


Cancellations or changes in the use of the space or services provided by the Gatton College must be made at least 72 hours (or 3 hours if due to inclement weather) prior to the event and through the online Event Management System (EMS). Inclement weather is defined as any weather event that would reasonably prohibit the safe facilitation of the scheduled event to include, but not limited to heavy rain, lightning, high wind, snow and ice. In the event of an unexpected emergency, Gatton College will review on a case by case basis. 

Space Usage Policies

Usage and Care of the Facility

  • The sponsoring organization/department and specifically the assigned point person must ensure that all persons at the activity/event take proper care of the building and its equipment.

  • The sponsoring organization/ department and specifically the assigned point person are responsible for leaving the room clean and in the same condition as when the activity/event started. This includes making sure the furniture is moved back to the default setup as posted in the room. Exceptions to this policy: Gatton Event staff will handle furniture layouts in Woodward Hall and any movement of the podiums in any space.  This also includes ensuring that all catering equipment, trash and other materials have been properly removed and disposed of. The point person, not the caterer or other vendors is responsible for the clean-up of the space.  

  • PPD Custodian Services may be required depending on the activity/event. Costs associated with these services will be at the expense of the sponsoring organization/department.

  • The sponsoring organization/department and specifically the assigned point person must report any damage to the facility which takes place during their reservation to the Gatton Facilities Director via email at be-facilities@uky.edu or call 859-257-2445. This includes, damage to furniture, lights or fixtures, spills, etc.  

  • The sponsoring organization/department is financially responsible for any damage resulting from abuse or neglect. 

  • The Gatton facility must be vacated before the reservation end time. It is the responsibility of the point person to ensure all items belonging to the sponsoring organization/department are removed from the facility. The Gatton College is not responsible for any items left in the space. Any items left will be kept in the Gatton lost and found area in 144 for a period of 3 days after the event. After that time period items may be discarded. 

  • Do NOT tape, tack, or otherwise adhere anything to any surface in the facility. Contact the Gatton Events Coordinator at 257-1838 regarding alternatives for messaging needs. 

  • NO parking is permitted on sidewalks or grass. Sidewalks may be used for unloading/loading only. The vehicle(s) must have an attendant at all times. 

  • NO open flames are allowed in the facility under any circumstance except in the case of burners for catering purposes. If such burners are used, they must be attended to at all times. 

  • All events taking place outside of regular business hours (as stated on the Gatton Facilities website) including Saturdays will require a Gatton security officer and a Gatton Event Student Worker to be present for the entire activity/event.  Costs associated with these services will be at the expense of the sponsoring organization/department.

Food and Drink

  • As a general rule, food or drink IS NOT permitted in any of the academic spaces including classrooms and the auditorium.  

  • Food and non-alcoholic beverages are ONLY allowed in Woodward Hall and conference rooms. 

  • For events with catered food, PPD will be flagged for event cleanup. The sponsoring organization/department will be responsible for any costs associated with this service. 

  • It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization/department and specifically the assigned point person to ensure that all food, drink, plates, cups, etc. are removed from the space and if a caterer is used, to ensure the caterer has removed their equipment from the space by the end of the reservation time.  

  • There are limited kitchen facilities on the third floor attached to Woodward Hall which may be used for secondary food preparation for catered meals. This space must be scheduled in advance when the reservation request is made. 

  • Catering must be provided by a Gatton approved vendor. See http://www.uky.edu/Purchasing/catererslist.htm. 

  • The only space where alcoholic beverages may be served is Woodward Hall. Pre-approval to serve alcohol MUST be attained in writing from the Gatton College at least 2 weeks prior to the reservation period. If undergraduates or other populations under the age of 21 are in attendance at an event in Woodward Hall no alcohol may be served.

Space Setup

  • There is a posting of the default furniture setup for each space in the Gatton Facility. If the setup is changed in a space during or before a reservation time by the users of the space, the sponsoring organization/department and specifically the assigned point person are responsible for returning the furniture to the default setup before the end of a reservation period unless other arrangements have been made with the Gatton College BEFORE the reservation period. . Exceptions to this policy: Gatton Event staff will handle furniture layouts in Woodward Hall and any movement of the podiums in any space. WHERE IS THIS LOCATED? Do we need to create this?  Also, I added the word "building" it just said, "in the Gatton".--> Tony, do you have the default setups posted? 

  • For events taking place in Woodward Hall, the atrium, and any open spaces requiring room setup changes, the sponsoring organization/department must contact the Gatton Events Coordinator at 257-1838 regarding setup and breakdown. The sponsoring organization/department is responsible for all costs associated with any setup other than the standard furniture layout. Depending on the activity/event, PPD may be required.  

  • In general, furniture in common areas such as the atrium, quiet study room, 3rd and 4th floor lounges ARE NOT to be moved. 

  • Gatton IT is the only unit allowed to move the podiums or conference room tables tethered by cables to the floor. DO NOT attempt to move these pieces. If your event requires that the podium be moved within the space or removed from the space or tethered conference room tables, arrangements must be made with the Gatton College at least 2 weeks prior to the reservation time. 

  • DO NOT remove chairs or other furniture from a space or transfer chairs or other furniture from one space to another. 

  • Do Not utilize any hallway space outside of your event or elsewhere without prior approval. This includes signs, check-in tables, etc. 

Physical Access to Space

  • The Gatton facility uses the campus electronic lock system Lenel. 

  • The perimeter doors of the Gatton Facility will be unlocked during normal business hours (as stated on the Gatton Facilities website). 

  • Any reservations approved outside of these normal operating hours require an auto-unlock schedule to be put in place by the Gatton College. The reservation of any space MUST include both reservation start and end times and actual “event” start and end times. The event times are the times actual attendees of the activity/event will be in the space. This does not include setup or breakdown. The doors for a space will be auto-unlocked a half hour before the event start time and locked a half hour after the event end time (NOT the reservation time). It is the responsibility of the point person to make arrangements with the Gatton College to gain access to the spaces for setup before a half hour before the activity/event begins.  

  • For events held in the evening, the building closes at 10:00pm Monday through Thursday. This will not be altered for any reason. If break down for an activity/event must occur after this hour, the point person will be responsible for stationing a person at an entrance to let others in and out as equipment and other items are removed from the building.  

  • For events held on Saturdays and after business hours on Friday, only the main 2nd floor building entrance will be unlocked a half hour before the activity/event start time and locked a half hour after the activity/event end time.  

  • Note that the Campus Police Department will NOT give access to any space in the event an individual is locked out. 

  • Under no circumstance are external doors to be propped open. 

Emergencies and Security

  • Depending on the nature of the activity/event, the Gatton College may require a security officer to be present for an activity/event. For such events, sponsoring organizations/departments will be notified and arrangements for the security officer will automatically be made by the Gatton Director of Facilities. Costs associated with this service will be at the expense of the sponsoring organization/department.  

  • For events with UK Police requirements as determined by the University Events Office, the University of Kentucky Police Department (UKPD) must receive a notice upon cancellation of the event. If they do not receive such notice, the requesting party/organization will be held financially responsible for all UKPD costs associated with the event to include a minimum of three (3) hours per UKPD employee assigned to work during the event. 

  • The sponsoring organization/department and specifically the assigned point person must report any injury to or accident involving a person to the University of Kentucky Police Department immediately: Emergency 911 or Main Dispatch: 859-257-UKPD (8573). If there is an employee related injury, Workers Compensation is to be contacted. Employee accidents, injuries, or illnesses should be reported immediately by the employee's supervisor. Student workers receiving pay other than scholarships, fellowships, student loans, or grants are generally considered employees. Supervisors must report the employee accident, injury, or illness to UK Workers Care by calling 1-800-440-6285. 

  • All usage of the building must be in compliance with University Fire and Life Safety Standards. Specifically, but limited to: 1) the number of persons in a space MUST not exceed the posted space occupancy numbers and 2) no exit or entry to any space or exterior doors may be blocked or impeded at any time. Inquiries must be directed to Tony Day @ be-facilities@uky.edu

  • In the event of a Fire Alarm, evacuation of the building is MANDATORY and all people must stay at least 50 feet away from the building until the all clear has been given by the fire department. 

  • In the event of a TORNADO WARNING, please follow instructions designated by the Campus Emergency Action Guide posted in the foyer near the elevator. Occupants are to go to the interior of the building as noted by the green severe weather shelter signs and away from windows and doors. 

  • Per University AR 6:6 (http://www.uky.edu/regs/files/ar/ar6-6.pdf), deadly weapons are prohibited in the Gatton Facility.