Graduate Certificate in Improving Healthcare Value

Healthcare leaders are facing serious challenges balancing the requirements of clinical medicine and financial business strategies. The Graduate Certificate in Improving Healthcare Value will give you the business knowledge and training to meet today's healthcare management challenges.

The Graduate Certificate in Improving Healthcare Value is an inter-disciplinary program led by a small team composed of senior faculty members from UK's College of Public Health, Gatton College of Business and Economics, and College of Engineering. This certificate is intended to create educational opportunities for UK graduate students in a range of disciplines, for UK HealthCare staff, and for other healthcare workers to enhance their knowledge and skills related to improving the value (quality and cost) of health care services provided by hospitals, health systems, and academic medical centers. 

The Finanace and Business track of the Graduate Certificate in Improving Healthcare Value encompasses five healthcare-specific courses (Healthcare Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, and Systems and Organization) within the  Professional MBA Healthcare Concentration. You can take these courses as a stand-alone certificate over the course of three semesters, or complete the seven additional MBA courses to achieve your Professional MBA.

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Please note: students who are interested in earning an MBA as well as the Graduate Certificate are strongly encouraged to begin the full Professional MBA Healthcare Concentration program as soon as possible. If a student first completes the Graduate Certificate and then decides to fulfill the remaining MBA courses, it may take them longer to complete it due to the sequential nature of the program.

Please contact us if you need help deciding which program is best for you. For more information regarding UK's MBA programs, please visit our MBA page.