Best Practices

When interacting with potential employers, be sure to keep the Graham Office informed. Whether it be fielding job opportunities or hosting guest speakers in your classroom or student organization, the Graham Office of Career Management offers many opportunities for enhancing these experiences for guests, students, and faculty. Here is a list of some of the benefits the Graham Office of Career Management has to offer:

  • Identify guest speakers – Let us know the topic and we are happy to develop a list of options that supports your curriculum.
  • Customer service – Let us handle parking and logistics for your guests. We can help insure all corporate visitors to have an exceptional experience while visiting Gatton.
  • Broader campus experience – We can assist in making the most of your visitors’ time. This includes hosting a lunch for you and your guest and other key Gatton contacts or helping your guest connect with student organizations. They are gracious to volunteer their time so let’s maximize that to benefit all involved.
  • Full engagement in services – By connecting us with your visitors, we can facilitate opportunities for them to develop a talent pipeline at Gatton. The Graham Office provides numerous services for employers including job postings and on campus recruiting events.
  • Regulatory Compliance – By working through our office, we can help you identify a bigger pool of candidates if your contacts are seeking to hire. We want to help employers build long-term access to all Gatton students and we realize there are students you may not know. This also helps our office comply with the NACE (National Associate of Colleges and Employers) guidelines for equitable student access and better achieve our mission! Click here for NACE Principles for Professional Practice.
  • Outcomes – As woven throughout the strategic plan for Gatton, the outcomes of our students are critical to our success. By partnering on potential employer engagement, the Graham Office can continue to provide and track opportunities and job acceptances for our students.