Distinguished Young Alumni Award

We, at the Gatton College, are proud of the accomplishments of our undergraduates. Young alumni lead communities, create innovative ways to meet the needs of others, and apply what they have learned to improve communities around the world.

Each year, the Gatton College highlights the amazing alumni achievements. The Gatton College’s Distinguished Young Alumni Award is the highest honor bestowed upon an alumna/us under the age of 45. This award recognizes those who have enhanced the reputation of the Gatton college through their outstanding professional achievement, personal accomplishments, and/or their loyal service to their alma mater.

The Distinguished Young Alumni Award recipient will be honored during the Hall of Fame event April 16, 2020. The recipient will deliver the keynote address and will be invited to attend the Hall of Fame Dinner held during the spring semester.

The application deadline is February 7, 2020. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Nominees must be a graduate of Gatton College of Business and Economics undergraduate program and be under the age of 45 by December 31 of the nominating year before the award is presented.
  • Nominees must have made significant contributions to their local, state, national and international communities through professional service, public service and/or civic activities.
  • Since graduation, nominees must have achieved outstanding and significant professional accomplishments in their chosen fields. Contributions to society, professional accolades, and advancement of the Gatton College of Business and Economics will all be considered.
  • The following individuals may not be considered for the award: deceased alumni (unless extraordinary qualifications or circumstances); elected officials and sitting judges; current employees of the University or one of its affiliated entities; current alumni association officers; members of college advisory committees or members of the board of trustees.
  • All nominees will remain under consideration for five years unless they are re-nominated.
  • Alumni may receive this honor once in their lifetime.

All submissions are due by February 7, 2020. Awards will be announced at Gatton Honors Day on April 24, 2020.

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