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Beginning in Fall 2013, B&E 105 will replace the current Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam requirement. This new course offering has been recently approved by both the University Senate Committee and the Gatton College faculty.

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NOTICE: As of 12/15/13, the Gatton College is no longer selling exam vouchers. You must now go directly to the exam company,, to purchase a voucher.



Students Completing the MCAS Exams Option:


Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Exams         

Students who started prior to Fall 2013,Microsoft Office certification exams in Word, Powerpoint, and Excel will fulfill the pre-major component by students for upper division admission into the Gatton College of Business and Economics. Students satisfy this requirement by passing an exam in each of the areas.  Students starting in Fall 2013 or after should complete the B&E 105 class to fulfill this business technology requirement.

Microsoft offers these exams around the world to certify that an individual is knowledgeable about all aspects of these products. The exams are timed and require that students complete operations in the exact sequence requested by the exam. More information about the exams can be found on the Microsoft website.

Once you complete the exams you should add a line to your resume that clearly states that you are Microsoft Office Certified in Word, Powerpoint, and Excel.


Step 1: Purchase Exam Vouchers

NOTICE: As of 12/15/13, the Gatton College is now longer selling exam vouchers. You must now go directly to the exam company,,  to purchase a voucher.

Step 2: Prepare for the exams

Exam preparation is to be completed by the student on their own time. Experience has shown that most students need advance preparation in order to pass the exams. Good preparation includes gaining familiarity with both the exam format and the content of the exam. Free and fee-based training options.

Step 3: Taking the tests

Exams are computer based. The exams are timed and last 50 minutes. You will receive your results immediately.  Please review the list of testing locations in for the site that will administer Microsoft 2010:  Word, Power Point and Excel.  Be sure to call ahead to schedule your exam as most testing sites will not accept walk-in appointments.

Step 4: The Results

What happens after I pass an exam?
You will need to make a copy of your Certiport "transcript" showing your name, the exam(s) and the results (pased).  Please bring this to room 100 Gatton for addition to your UK transcript.

What happens if I fail the exam?
If this is the first exam in an exam/retake series, you will receive a retake voucher via email from the testing company, Certiport.  You are responsible for bringing your retake voucher with you to take a retake exam. Please read the email you receive from Certiport closely. It will tell you when your retake voucher expires. The expiration date is generally 30 days after the voucher is issued.

Important Note on Subsequent Retakes: You may retake the same exam once without restriction on the interval between exams. Although, you will have to wait for your retake voucher to be emailed to you after failing an exam for the first time. This can can take from a few hours to 24 hours.

Who do I contact if I have questions or issues?

For questions or problems related to the exams, contact the Undergraduate Resource Center at 257-4627 or





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