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Global Scholars Honors Program


The world is waiting. Are you ready?

The Gatton College of Business and Economics and UK Honors have designed a unique program aimed at preparing students to become world-ready. Through an enriched curriculum, you will be ready to compete and collaborate with anyoneanytime and anywhere. You will be ready to become part of the next generation of global business leaders in an ever changing world market.

The Global Scholars Program is a four-year UK Honors program designed for high-acheiving, highly-motivated business students who have a passion for international business and leadership.  Every student in the program will graduate with a major from the Gatton College of Business and Economics as well as a minor in international business and a semester-length education abroad experience.  The program is selective and small by design.  Each year Global Scholars take specially designed courses that will challenge you to excel and expand your professional horizons and help you develop strong ties with other high-achieving students.

You will be world-ready.

 Mission and Goals

Our mission is to develop world-ready business professionals well-equipped to confront the challenges of a global environment through a specialized curriculum and education abroad opportunities designed to enhance any Gatton major.


-develop an appreciation of a global business perspective

-develop the ability to communicate and work effectively in diverse teams

-gain knowledge and exposure to international business practices and environments

-galvanize leadership and professional skills through scholastic excellence and community engagement



The Global Scholars Program is open to exceptional freshmen students who are seeking to develop their professional acumen and leadership skills. To be eligible for admission into the Global Scholars Program at the Gatton College of Business and Economics, incoming freshmen must have graduated with an un-weighted high school grade point average of 3.5 or above or an ACT score of 28 or higher (or SAT score of 1240 or higher). Typically, students who are admitted into the program have an unweighted GPA well above a 3.5 as well as test scores well above the 28/1240 mark.   

Students who meet the above criteria are invited to apply to the program by filling out a short application form. Enrollment in the program will be limited to approximately 40 students. In addition to academic performance, each applicant will be evaluated on their past leadership experiences, interest in international or cross-cultural issues, and ability to work in team settings.


Freshman Year

Living and Learning Together

During your freshman year you will take several courses with other Global Scholars. These courses are designed to ease the transition to college, lead to self-discovery, build leadership skills, consider social issues in business, and introduce students to successful business leaders. Students will also participate in a leadership experience and service activities.  Participating in these classes and co-curricular activities as a cohort will enable you to find a small, tight-knit community of talented students like yourself.  Additionally, you would have the opportunity to enhance this sense of community by living in the UK Honors Program Living-Learning Program in Central Hall.  Please click here to learn more about this wonderful opportunity.  

Fall Semester
UK 101 Academic Orientation (1)
B&E 120 Leadership in the Global Marketplace (3)
HON 151-252 Honors Seminar (3)
CIS/WRD 112  Accelerated Composition and Communication (3)
Spring Semester
B&E 122 Challenges in Leadership (1)
ACC 201 Financial Accounting (3)
EC0 201 Microeconomics (3)


 Sophomore Year

As a sophomore, you will continue to develop your leadership skills through mentoring and stewardship activities. Your class work will focus on developing skills to manage in a global context.

Fall Semester
B&E 240 Intercultural Business Communication (3)
ACC 202 Managerial Issues of Accounting Information (3)
ECO 202 Macroeconomics (3)
Spring Semester
B&E 327 Larger World Issues in Business (3)

Junior Year

The International Core

In addition to completing a minor in international business, Global Scholars are required to spend no less than one semester studying overseas via a UK Education Abroad program.  Most Global Scholars focus on these two requirements during their junior year.  Because all successfully completed international coursework will count toward graduation requirements, many Global Scholars choose a foreign university which offers coursework equivalent to that required to complete the international business minor, but students are free to choose an approved program of their liking and may complete the international business minor while overseas or here at UK.  


Senior Year

Professional Development

In the fall, you will continue preparing for the job search process, as well as honing your networking skills by participating in the Business Career Fair. This annual event is an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your strong leadership and communication skills. You will be ready to impress!

MGT 499 Strategic Management (3)

Living-Learning Communities

Global Scholars are encouraged to live on-campus in one of UK's many wonderful Living-Learning Communities (LLC), such as the Honors LLC or the Global Village LLC.  Please note that space is limited and housing/LLC assignments are not coordinated by the Global Scholars Program.


Applying to the Global Scholars Program

The application for the Global Scholars Program is administered through the standard UK application.  Please make sure you apply for the Global Scholars Program, a learning pathway within the general UK Honors Program.  You can read more about this prcoess here.

Contact Us

For more information on applying to the Gatton College of Business and Economics' Global Scholars Program please contact us at:


Matthew Anderkin,
235F Gatton College of B & E Bldg.
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0034



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